Hi Rohit,

I am Kenneth Crowe,an Internet Marketer from NY. I signed up as a pro member to JV Revolution a few days ago.

In the few days I have been a member, I have already had 2 very successful JV`s with 2 of your other members. This seems to be a very nice group of people we are getting togather.

I feel you have a very good program here, I will be promoting heave to all my members. I would really like to have all my members take part in this program.

To Your Success!

Warm regards,

Ken Crowe, Founder/CEO

Rohit, JV Revolution is a great idea as a way for publishers and webmasters to do more than joint venture, but to swap advertising as well. All too often we don't put aside enough time for our own promotions because we're busy servicing our customers etc. This is a terrific resource that gives busy people more choices and opportunities.

Warm regards
Eva Browne-Paterson

Ezine Directory & Ad Placement Services

Dear Rohit,

Just a quick note to say Thank You for JV Revolution.

I have done a couple of Joint Ventures and things have gone wonderfully well, and if I sound surprised
I am, due to the numerous other JV programs I have joined this one is absolutely the BEST.
I have gotten more sales for my business just because of this one program.

It has allowed exposure for my business's in places it may never have gotten before.

Laurie Zbitniff / CEO

The services JV Revolution provides are definitely on the right track!

Everyone will benefit!
The JV Revolution solution presents marketers with the all important "Warm Market" meeting place where ideas may be exchanged, goods and services recommended and businesses can florish in an environment of like-minded, focused people.

Jeff Greene
Marketing 2006 And Beyond

This is a great idea that's sure to be appreciated by the members of my business network: Most of my business network members are constantly on the lookout for joint venture opportunities so they'll snap this up in no time!


Roger Auge
AIM 2000 Inc. Canada
Founder of The Profit Messaging Business Network

I love this site, I started with a Joint Venture instantly had 4000 people, after the JV ended it became a working 500, adding this site to my list I have built up a small army of 2500 members/webmasters/online friends.

Guess who's a stay at home dad now.

James @ www.nhk-jv.com

it looks so good i bought 800,000 hits & banners at: http://leafsurf.com/

Richard Lukenbach

one thing about you and your programs...
THEY WORK! JVRevolution is one of a kind and...IT WORKS!


This is a excellent site to gain JV partners.

Great Site with clear Program